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Why Therapy?

Sometimes in life, no matter how many friends, relatives or close colleagues we may have, it's not appropriate or just not enough to discuss our issues with them. Furthermore we may not want to burden someone with our feelings or in fact be fearful of being judged in some way.

Counselling can be a completely unique experience of communicating with another person; the time is all yours, the focus is on you. Counsellors are professional and part of that professionalism is to respect confidentiality and to work by a code of ethics e.g. (BACP), a Counsellor is not there to judge you or indeed just agree with you. A Counsellor will be present with you, listen to you in a way that you will feel heard.

The aim is to help the client reach their goals and in counselling we look at which goals are achievable or realistic. The goals or needs of a client may also change during the counselling process; this can be due to personal growth or a new awareness although the aim will always be to find a way that enables you, the client, to move forward.

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